Social egg freezing

Many women are now choosing to delay pregnancy and preserve fertility until later on in life.
Cryopreserving eggs (or oocytes) can be an effective method to secure higher chances of falling pregnant in the future using healthier eggs.
The process involves taking hormones to over stimulate the ovaries followed by harvesting the mature eggs from the ovaries to cryopreserve them in the lab. Sometimes, several rounds of stimulation is needed to ensure a sufficient number of mature eggs are frozen for future use.

At LUNA fertility, we help you understand your ovarian egg reserve using blood tests and ultrasound scans, we discuss with you the best treatment to help you safe sufficient eggs for the future and we offer step-by-step support during the process so you are never alone!
We collaborate with leading IVF clinics and cryopreservation banks in London to offer the best quality care possible for your present and future fertility needs.
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Mr Bassel H.Al Wattar

MD, PGD, MRCOG, PhD Consultant Obstetrician And Gynaecologist - Subspecialist In Reproductive Medicine And Surgery - Menopause Specialist

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