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LUNA Menopause

LUNA Menopause

Understanding Menopause: Symptoms, Impact, and Global Trends by 2050

Menopause is a natural phenomenon associated with the reduction or cessation of natural female hormones from the ovaries often leading to varied symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats, brain fog, muscle and joint pain, low mood, irritability, reduced libido, and vulvovaginal dryness. By 2050, it is estimated that 1.6 billion women worldwide will be in the post-reproductive menopause phase with >75% reporting severe vasomotor symptoms that negatively affect their quality of life. Left unmanaged, menopausal symptoms can have a detrimental effect on women’s wellbeing, mental health, and their effective participation in the workplace.

Empowering Women

While it is a natural stage in women’s life, effective management and access to health care is often complex leaving many women suffering in silence. Educating women and understanding their individual health needs is an important element to help women with menopause to optimise their quality of life and stay healthy on the longterm. 

Personalized Menopause Care at LUNA

At LUNA, we aim to work with each patient to understand their current issues, help them access the treatments that best suit them, and offer consistent and longterm menopause care.

This includes exploring hormonal, and non-hormonal treatments options, lifestyle optimisation, supplement support, bone health surveillance. 

Unlocking Menopause: Navigating Symptoms, Challenges, and Solutions

How LUNA will help you explore the following aspects of menopause:

  • Management of menopausal symptoms

  • Early menopause and peri-menopause

  • Dealing with menopause after surgery (like endometriosis)

  • Dealing with menopause after cancer treatment

  • Management of Osteoporosis

  • Spontaneous premature menopause 

  • Fertility treatment following premature menopause 

  • Menopausal vaginal atrophy

  • Treatment for reduced sex drive and libido

Our experts have a track record in caring for women with complex medical history who require advanced and bespoke menopause management plans including those with history of cancer, autoimmune disease, clotting disorders, migraines, and cardiovascular disease. 

We can help you to gain further information on your health status in the menopause stage of life offering a wide range of blood tests, detailed non-invasive ultrasound scanning, and advanced imaging such as mammograms and DEXA bone scans. Please see our price list for more information.

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