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Donor egg or sperm IVF is a fertility treatment option that can help individuals or couples who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. This procedure involves using eggs or sperm donated by a young, healthy donor, which are then used to create embryos with the intended parent(s) gametes (eggs or sperm) and implanted into the uterus of the recipient.

The donor egg IVF process typically begins with the recipient undergoing a thorough medical evaluation, including tests to assess their uterine health and the partner’s sperm quality. Once a suitable egg donor is identified, the donor will take medication to stimulate the production of multiple mature eggs, which are then retrieved through a minor surgical procedure.

The retrieved eggs are then fertilized with the intended parent’s sperm, or donor sperm if necessary, using in vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques. The resulting embryos are then carefully monitored and, after a few days, the healthiest embryo(s) are selected for transfer into the recipient’s uterus.

Donor egg IVF can be particularly beneficial for individuals or couples who have experienced diminished ovarian reserve, premature ovarian failure, or genetic disorders that they wish to avoid passing on to their children. It also provides an option for same-sex male couples or women who cannot carry a pregnancy themselves, who may use a gestational carrier.

We are proud to collaborate with the Clinica-Tambre in Madrid Spain to offer a holistic and patient friendly A to Z pathway to donor egg IVF. Clinica Tambre has one of the biggest egg banks in Europe and offers advanced donor-recipient matching technology to ensure you find the right donor for you.

Our LUNA doctors will help you understand your fertility treatment options, conduct baseline blood tests and ultrasound scans in London, and coordinate care with the Spanish team to ensure seamless journey to parenthood. Additionally, we offer tailored care post embryo transfer supporting your health needs in the early pregnancy phase all the way until delivery.

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Mr Bassel H.Al Wattar

MD, PGD, MRCOG, PhD Consultant Obstetrician And Gynaecologist - Subspecialist In Reproductive Medicine And Surgery - Menopause Specialist

Tambre, Specialists in Advanced Reproductive Medicine


Tambre is one of the leading fertility clinics in Spain. It is characterised by its high success rates, among the highest in Europe. To achieve this, it uses the best technology and is at the forefront of fertility treatment provision.

Focused on the patient and individualised care, the clinic has experienced professionals who develop personalised reproductive medicine with the aim of achieving pregnancy in the shortest possible time. 

High success rates and specialisation have turned Tambre into a second opinion clinic, trying to help and answer patients’ concerns in order to solve the most complex medical cases. Its treatment specialities include cases of low ovarian reserve, embryo implantation failure, repeated miscarriages, endometriosis or immunological factors that may be preventing pregnancy, among others.

The fertility centre is located in the heart of Madrid, in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods of the capital, in El Viso. They promote advanced reproductive medicine by putting the patient at the centre in order to achieve pregnancy in the shortest possible time. We also accompany our patients through the process from an emotional point of view.

Tambre is a pioneering assisted reproduction clinic in many ways. It supports research and innovation with its Foundation, which allows reproductive medicine professionals to train at its facilities and maintains a constant output of scientific research to improve treatment and find new solutions.




Clinica Tambre IVF Treatment Options

The following fertility treatments and procedures are available at Clinica Tambre:

  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) and AID (artificial insemination with donor)
  • Egg donation (own egg bank)
  • Sperm donation (own sperm bank)
  • Embryo donation
  • Fertility Preservation/Social Freezing
  • the ROPA method (Reciprocal IVF for same-sex lesbian couples)
  • Embryo freezing
  • Sperm freezing


Also, diagnostics tests are available:

  • CometFertility®: is a diagnostic test performed to obtain a diagnosis related to the male factor. This technique analyses the DNA fragmentation that can occur in a sperm sample.
  • Chromosperm and FISH:  these tests allow embryologists from the Andrology Laboratory to evaluate the global chromosome content of the sperm cells in your partner’s sample. This is a fast and effective way of detecting the overall genetic load that could affect the success of your treatment.
  • KIR and HLA-C Genotyping: dedicated to patients with a history of implantation failure and recurrent miscarriages. It is a study of the compatibility between uterine KIR receptors (killer immunoglobulin-like receptors) and the HLA-C molecules that the embryo will present and that will be recognized by these receptors.
  • myPrenatal®– is an advanced prenatal screening test, which analyses cell-free foetal DNA and studies the possible existence of chromosomal abnormalities. It detects three of the most frequent trisomies in the foetus: Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome and Patau syndrome, as well as two sex chromosomal alterations: Turner syndrome (45, X) and Klinefelter syndrome (47, XXY).
  • PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis)is an Assisted Reproduction technique that allows us to study the genetic material of embryos before they are transferred and select the healthiest embryos to ensure that no chromosome or genetic abnormalities are present.

At Clinica Tambre, patients can benefit from the following technologies being applied:

  • Embryo monitoring (GERI-incubator): allows monitoring of the embryos through a time-lapse system without extracting them from the medium
  • Fenomatch: the latest technique to find an egg or sperm donor who has a similar phenotype to you and your partner
  • RI Witness™: a security system that identifies the semen, egg, and embryo samples of each patient.

The Tambre team know that the path needed to conceive a new life is based on the pillar of trust and support for our patients, who are the raison d’être.

That’s why they offer a service which places them at the front and centre of everything they do.

Tambre’s goal is to offer peace of mind at times when there is a rollercoaster of emotions and to be sure that they take care of them by providing them with all the information they need, both in terms of treatment and the emotional impact that infertility can create. This has become the cornerstone of the clinic.


The Tambre team of medical coordinators are responsible for providing an holistic and thorough medical and emotional programme, tailored to address the specific needs of each individual patient.


Every patient is unique, and that is the way they are supported at Tambre. Evidence of that mutual trust and patient recognition are the signs of affection and feedback that we receive every day. There is no better feedback that when a patient says they consider us as a part of their family.


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