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About LUNA

A unique approach to women’s healthcare

LUNA adopts the lifelong approach to women’s healthcare and aspire to offer individualized, consistent, high-quality care across different life stages from menarche to menopause and beyond.

LUNA is proud to offer a unique approach to women’s healthcare focused on delivering multi-disciplinary health advice sought from leading experts across different medical specialities. Unlike other health providers, at LUNA we aspire to deliver holistic care that is focused on addressing the patient’s various health needs in a supportive and nurturing environment.

We offer our patients the chance to gain input from different health specialists (gynaecologists, endocrinologists, fertility specialists, menopause specialists, dieticians, dermatologists, and specialists nurses) in a rapid, efficient, and individualised care pathway (Link).

Our Mission and vision

At LUNA, we are on a mission to help women optimise their health and deliver high quality consistent evidenced based health advice. Our vision is focused on the model of delivering local excellence in women’s health while striving for an international impact.

Our unique vision and approach to women’s health is centred around the patient’s health needs  with a desire to deliver consistent, friendly, and individualised care.


How it all started

LUNA was established by our four founders (Bassel, Vikram, Sophie, and Ali) out of a desire to deliver better quality health care than what is currently offered.

The idea for LUNA emerged after holding informal meetings with women with endocrine (e.g PCOS), menopause, and fertility issues to brainstorm on how to best address their unanswered health needs. This invaluable patient feedback gave us deep appreciation and insight on what is the problem women face everyday to access the healthcare they desire, what are the challenges to offering best quality care, and what is the current gap across available services.

This helped us to shape the ethos and philosophy of LUNA, which is to form a true partnership with our patients, promote shared decision making, and commit to delivering excellent care every day.

LUNA team

Meet Our Team

Mr Bassel H.Al Wattar

Consultant Obstetrician and gynaecologist - Subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and surgery
Menopause specialist

Dr Sophie Clarke

Consultant Endocrinologist

Dr Vikram Talaulikar

Gynaecologist and menopause specialist

Dr Ali Abbara

Consultant Endocrinologist